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                      聽美劇學英語-摩登家庭第四季 第24集:奶奶的葬禮






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                      0:00:01.20, We got some bad news yesterday. 我們昨天得知了一個壞消息
                      0:00:03.47, Phil's mom died. 菲爾的媽媽去世了
                      0:00:05.35, It wasn't unexpected. 倒也不是意料之外
                      0:00:07.18, He was with her. 菲爾陪在她身邊
                      0:00:08.40, And she went very peacefully and asleep. 她在睡夢中平靜地走了
                      0:00:10.48, She and I had a special connection. 我跟她有種特殊的感情
                      0:00:12.54, We all did. 我們都有
                      0:00:13.47, But mostly me. 但主要是我
                      0:00:14.89, She said I was just like her. 她說我和她很像
                      0:00:16.44, What? Is she weirdly competitive too? 怎么 她也爭強好勝到古怪的地步嗎
                      0:00:18.54, The whole family is going down to Florida tomorrow 明天全家人都要去佛羅里達
                      0:00:21.21, to be with Phil for the service. 陪菲爾參加葬禮
                      0:00:22.92, Such a relieve. 真是莫大的安慰
                      0:00:24.22, I can feel how much he needs me right now. 我能感覺到他現在是多么需要我
                      0:00:28.22, There they are. 終于來了
                      0:00:30.82, Hey, guys. 小家伙們好啊
                      0:00:33.27, Oh, you brought my nap pillow. 你把我的護頸枕都帶來了
                      0:00:34.70, I missed you so much. 我好想你啊
                      0:00:37.35, Phil, I'm so sorry. 菲爾 我真遺憾
                      0:00:39.64, Thanks. 謝謝
                      0:00:40.31, Grace was such a kind and whimsical soul. 格蕾絲是個善良又古怪的女人
                      0:00:43.08, The different animals she put antlers on for christmas cards 她給動物戴鹿角拍照片做成的圣誕賀卡
                      0:00:46.34, Inspired. 太有創見了
                      0:00:47.15, Not a single one was photoshopped. 每張都是實拍 絕無PS偽造
                      0:00:48.78, Not even the alligator? 鱷魚的也是嗎
                      0:00:49.61, Cost her the tip of her pinkie, 害她被咬掉了小拇指尖
                      0:00:51.16, but she had no regrets. 但她無怨無悔
                      0:00:53.55, I'm so glad you guys are here. 你們能來我真的很高興
                      0:00:54.58, I hope it wasn't too hard to get away from work. 希望請假沒有讓你為難
                      0:00:56.41, No. Please, anything for family. 不會 拜托 為家人做任何事都可以
                      0:00:58.55, Anything to get me out of that office. 能離開辦公室 讓我做任何事都可以
                      0:01:00.89, It's all boring paperwork and endless meetings. 無聊的文件 開不完的會
                      0:01:04.17, Honestly, this funeral could not have come at a better time. 說真的 這場葬禮來得太是時候了
                      0:01:06.71, Aw, that's sweet. You should put that on the flowers. 真會說話 你該把這句話寫在花簽上
                      0:01:10.36, Gloria, you must be so hot in that. 歌洛莉亞 穿成這樣一定很熱吧
                      0:01:12.25, I am in mourning. 我這是服喪
                      0:01:13.22, In Columbia, we take death very seriously. 在哥倫比亞 喪禮是很嚴肅的事情
                      0:01:15.76, Where don't they? 在哪兒不是呢
                      0:01:16.42, Can we lose the veil? 能把面紗摘了嗎
                      0:01:17.24, Nobody's looking for you, Gloria. 沒有人要抓你 歌洛莉亞
                      0:01:18.87, Who is Gloria? 誰是歌洛莉亞
                      0:01:20.63, I am a wanted woman in Florida. 我在佛羅里達被通緝
                      0:01:23.03, I used to live there, and when I left, 我曾在那里居住過 我離開時
                      0:01:25.14, my roommate made our apartment into a house of prostitution, 我的室友把我們的公寓改造成了妓院
                      0:01:29.96, and my name was still on the lease. 而那時租約上留的還是我的名字
                      0:01:31.49, It's like a traffic ticket. 其實就跟個交通罰單差不多
                      0:01:32.47, You walk into court, pay a fine, it's done. 去趟法院 交個罰款 就完事兒了
                      0:01:34.46, Quick and easy. 快速又"簡單"
                      0:01:35.29, Yes, that was the name of the whorehouse. 是啊 那家妓院就叫這名字
                      0:01:38.27, Mitchell, can you go with her to court? 米奇爾 你能陪她上法院嗎
                      0:01:39.88, She's gonna need some sort of lawyer. 她需要個像樣點的律師
                      0:01:41.47, Uh, you know, Jay, Mitchell is so burnt out right now. 杰 米奇爾現在真是疲憊不堪
                      0:01:43.67, He is in desperate need of a break. 他十分需要休息
                      0:01:45.35, Bench warrants are a nobrainer. And, I mean, come on. 法院傳票不用腦子也能應付 拜托
                      0:01:47.40, Does Gloria really look like the kind of woman 歌洛莉亞看起來像那種
                      0:01:49.14, who would run a brothel? 開妓院的女人嗎
                      0:01:53.00, Yeah, I better go with her. You should go. 我還是陪她去吧 你還是去吧
                      0:01:54.08, Yeah. 是啊
                      0:02:04.29, 第四季 第二十四集  
                      0:02:08.42, There they are! 你們來了
                      0:02:11.48, Oh, you look beautiful. Hi, claire. 你真美 你好 克萊爾
                      0:02:12.77, How are you holding on, hmm? 你還好嗎
                      0:02:13.93, Oh, well, you know... 還好吧
                      0:02:14.68, We're getting through it. Huh, dad? 我們會挺過去的 對吧 老爸
                      0:02:16.67, Ah. I'm doing okay. A little trouble sleeping. 我現在還好 就是有點失眠
                      0:02:18.83, I'm so used to her snoring, 我習慣她的鼾聲了
                      0:02:19.89, I may have to borrow the neighbor's bulldog. 我可能得借一下鄰居的牛頭犬了
                      0:02:23.51, Morning, Charlotte! 早上好 夏洛特
                      0:02:24.42, This is my family from California! 這是我從加州來的親戚們
                      0:02:27.44, I can tell. They all look like movie stars. 看得出來 看起來都跟電影明星似的
                      0:02:30.28, Ah. Oh, thank you. 謝謝
                      0:02:31.31, That's nuts. I know that woman, 真奇怪 我認識那女人
                      0:02:32.78, but I have no idea from where. 但忘了在哪兒認識的
                      0:02:34.25, Yeah. This place is full of stories like that. 是啊 這地方充滿了這樣的故事
                      0:02:38.48, Good morning, Mr. Dunphy, visitors. 早上好 鄧菲先生 客人們
                      0:02:40.13, Please, Shelley, call me Frank. 拜托 雪莉 叫我弗蘭克就好了
                      0:02:41.77, No, sir. 不 先生
                      0:02:42.37, That might be the way they do things at Whistling Pines, 可能"呼嘯松"那邊會這么稱呼業主
                      0:02:44.40, But we run a tight ship here at Leisure Park. 但我們"休閑園"的管理很規范嚴謹
                      0:02:46.58, As per your request, I have reserved 根據你的要求 我預訂了
                      0:02:48.15, the lakeside promenade this evening for one hour, 今晚的湖濱廣場 時間為一小時
                      0:02:50.51, Beginning at 5:00 p.m., for your memorial service. 從下午5點開始 供您開追悼會
                      0:02:52.66, May I remind you that there's no smoking on the grounds, 順便提醒您 廣場上不能吸煙
                      0:02:54.69, no glass near the lake, no feeding the ducks? 湖邊不能帶玻璃制品 不能喂鴨子
                      0:02:56.91, And I'm sorry for your loss. 請您節哀順變
                      0:02:57.60, Thank you. No feeding the ducks. 謝謝 不能喂鴨子
                      0:02:59.91, What are you looking at me for? 你盯著我干什么
                      0:03:09.89, I love it here 我真喜歡這里
                      0:03:11.04, manicured lawns, 修剪平整的草坪
                      0:03:12.18, planned activities, early dinners. 活動計劃周詳 晚餐及時
                      0:03:14.06, What more does a kid need? 一個孩子還能要求什么呢
                      0:03:15.35, Oh, yeah. And everyone's so polite and considerate 是啊 每個人都這么有禮貌又體貼
                      0:03:17.13, Nothing like the constant catfights in my circle, 不像基圈里那些無休止的明爭暗斗
                      0:03:19.22, where every week, 每一周
                      0:03:20.44, somebody's mad at somebody for god knows who what, 都有人會莫名其妙地生另一個人的氣
                      0:03:22.81, and I'm always thrown into the middle. 而我總是被卷入其中
                      0:03:24.74, You seem tense. You know, they have a steam room. 你好像很焦躁 他們這里有蒸汽房
                      0:03:26.83, Wanna join me for a schvitz? 要跟我一起出出汗嗎
                      0:03:27.80, Please, it's Florida. 拜托 這里可是佛羅里達
                      0:03:28.70, If I wanna sweat more, I'll just move my arms. 我想流汗的話 只要動動胳膊就行了
                      0:03:30.49, You go have fun. 你去享受吧
                      0:03:32.13, Hey, you. 嘿 你
                      0:03:33.56, Are you liking that book? 你喜歡那本書嗎
                      0:03:34.83, Well, it's not the worst thing I've picked up at an airport, 雖然這不是我在機場買過的最差勁的東西
                      0:03:36.90, but close. 但也差不多了
                      0:03:38.16, What is this, 這是什么情況
                      0:03:39.11, a book club or a Miss America Pageant? 是讀書會還是選美大會啊
                      0:03:43.05, We're looking for our next book. 我們在找下一本要讀的書
                      0:03:44.45, Oh, what are you reading now? 你們現在讀的是什么書
                      0:03:45.41, Tempted by her innocent kiss. 《無辜香吻之誘惑》
                      0:03:47.80, II'm sure you don't know it. 你一定沒聽說過
                      0:03:48.89, Oh, please. Devon Carter was Ashley's first, 拜托 達文·卡特是艾希莉的第一個男人
                      0:03:51.44, she wants their passion to last, 她希望他們能激情永駐
                      0:03:53.08, but her hopes of true love are crushed when she finds out 可當她發現他們的婚姻只是父親的
                      0:03:55.42, their marriage is just another one of daddy's business deals. 另一筆交易 她對于真愛的幻想破滅了
                      0:03:58.57, I'm gay. 我可是同性戀
                      0:03:59.49, Oh! My grandson is gay. 我孫子也是同性戀
                      0:04:01.52, His name is Daniel Schulman. Uh, do you know him? 他叫丹尼爾·舒曼 你認識嗎
                      0:04:04.24, Oh! Is he about this tall, dark hair, 他是不是這么高 深色頭發
                      0:04:06.41, circumcised? 割過包皮
                      0:04:08.89, Terrible. 你真壞
                      0:04:10.66, Don't be nervous, all right? 不要緊張 好嗎
                      0:04:11.66, I'll explain your situation. 我會把你的情況說清楚
                      0:04:12.83, We'll have you out of here in no time. 很快就能離開這里了
                      0:04:13.98, 30 days in county jail. 縣監獄關押30天
                      0:04:17.05, What? Ooh, she's tough. 什么 她好強硬
                      0:04:19.58, Next. 下一個
                      0:04:21.03, Anita Menchaca. Petty theft. 安妮塔·曼查卡 偷竊
                      0:04:25.05, Mister, you're a lawyer? 先生 您是律師嗎
                      0:04:26.10, Help me, please. 幫幫我 拜托了
                      0:04:27.26, Oh, I'm sorry. I'm her lawyer. 不好意思 我是她的律師
                      0:04:28.83, No, no, help her, so this will go faster. 不不 幫幫她 這樣能進行得快一些
                      0:04:32.02, And she reminds me of my abuela, 而且她讓我想起了我外婆
                      0:04:33.39, with her head scarf and her petty theft charges. 她也帶這樣的頭巾 也曾偷竊
                      0:04:37.36, Here, your honor. 在這里 法官閣下
                      0:04:38.60, I'm mitchell pritchett, attorney to miss Manchego. 我是米奇爾·普里契特 "曼查勾"小姐的律師
                      0:04:40.91, Menchaca. Ah, yeah... 是曼查卡 好的
                      0:04:42.10, Are you ready to enter a plea? 你們準備好辯訴了嗎
                      0:04:43.51, Absolutely. 當然準備好了
                      0:04:44.61, I see no reason why this matter should 我認為這種事件完全沒有理由
                      0:04:46.24, take up any more of the court's valuable time. 占用更多貴法庭寶貴的時間了
                      0:04:48.66, Not guilty, your honor. 無罪 法官大人
                      0:04:49.66, Why? 為什么
                      0:04:52.03, Gonna need a minute. 我需要點時間準備一下
                      0:04:58.94, Look what my dad just gave me. 看我爸給了我什么
                      0:05:01.11, Please tell me that's not your mom. 拜托你告訴我盒子里裝的不是你媽
                      0:05:02.66, No, no. She picked out her own urn. 不是 她已經給自己選好骨灰罐了
                      0:05:05.00, My dad keeps saying 我爸一直都說
                      0:05:05.58, it's a size too small but she squeezed into it. 那罐子小一碼 不過她還是擠進去了
                      0:05:08.98, No, this is stuff she left for the kids. 這些東西是她留給孩子們的
                      0:05:11.88, Can I... open it? Yeah. 我能打開嗎 能啊
                      0:05:14.13, Wow. There's a note for you. 里面有張紙條是給你的
                      0:05:16.55, I can't read it. 我不敢看
                      0:05:18.00, Okay. Would you? 好吧 你來好嗎
                      0:05:18.99, All right. 好的
                      0:05:23.03, Dear phil, 親愛的菲爾
                      0:05:24.34, you've always been the most wonderful son, 你一直都是最棒的兒子
                      0:05:26.88, and now I need you to do one last thing for me." 而我現在需要你為我做最后一件事"
                      0:05:29.11, Oh, no!
                      0:05:29.89, She's gonna ask me to throw her ashes in the pope's face. 她一定是讓我把她的骨灰潑到牧師臉上
                      0:05:34.06, Don't say anything to your father 不要告訴你父親
                      0:05:35.59, because he'll just resist, 因為他一定會反對
                      0:05:37.06, but there's a woman named Annie Fitzsimmons 但是有一位名叫安妮·菲茨曼斯的女士
                      0:05:39.06, who lives a few streets over. 她就住在幾條街外
                      0:05:40.63, We don't know her very well, but I've always admired her, 我們和她并不太熟 但我一向很欣賞她
                      0:05:43.04, and I think she'd be perfect for your dad. 我覺得她會和你父親很般配
                      0:05:45.94, So before you go home, 因此 在你回家前
                      0:05:47.07, I want you to fix him up with her." 我希望你能撮合他們"
                      0:05:48.44, That is crazy! 這太瘋狂了
                      0:05:49.52, I know this sounds crazy, 我知道這聽起來很瘋狂
                      0:05:51.12, but single men are in short supply here. 但這里的單身男士很緊俏
                      0:05:53.22, And a lot of scheming harpies will swoop in 會有一群工于心計的狐貍精
                      0:05:54.96, before your father knows what hit him. 在你父親尚未察覺的情況下蜂擁而至
                      0:05:56.90, I love Frank, 我愛弗蘭克
                      0:05:57.74, but he'll follow anything with a casserole." 但任何會做飯的女人都能牽著他鼻子走"
                      0:05:59.20, I don't believe this. 我真覺得難以置信
                      0:06:01.03, It's too soon, 這也太快了
                      0:06:01.78, and my dad's not a cartoon bear. 何況我爸又不是動畫片里的熊熊
                      0:06:03.27, He's perfectly capable of making intelligent decisions. 他有足夠的能力作出理智的判斷
                      0:06:05.98, Hey, guys? I made cookies. 爸媽 我做了餅干
                      0:06:07.77, Oh, good. I thought that was a neighbor. 太好了 我還以為是鄰居家做的
                      0:06:15.10, Hey, kids, your grandma left each of you something. 孩子們 奶奶給你們每個人留了些東西
                      0:06:17.89, Cool! Rockports! 太棒了 是樂步鞋
                      0:06:19.41, It's just the box. 只是用了鞋盒子而已
                      0:06:22.40, oh, my god. There's a letter. 我的天 有一封信
                      0:06:24.06, I don't know if I'm ready for this. 我覺得我還沒做好心理準備
                      0:06:25.47, Although if grandma wrote it, 盡管如果這是奶奶寫的
                      0:06:26.50, she must have sensed I was ready. 她一定事先感覺到我已經準備好了
                      0:06:27.29, Because you had such a bond? 因為你倆有特殊的感情紐帶嗎
                      0:06:29.30, You felt it, too? 你也感覺到了嗎
                      0:06:30.12, Haley, why don't you tell us what yours says? 海莉 跟我們說說你那封信的內容
                      0:06:31.65, Well, it's so sweet. 寫得真貼心
                      0:06:32.86, It's about how beautiful I am inside and 是關于我的內在是多么美麗 還有
                      0:06:35.13, Score! Jewelry 帥啊 首飾
                      0:06:37.35, Check it out! 快來看
                      0:06:38.59, Oh, look at that. 看看
                      0:06:39.68, Your grandma loved pocket watches. 你奶奶可喜歡懷表了
                      0:06:41.33, Aw! She said they made a man look dignified. 她說過懷表讓人看起來很高貴
                      0:06:42.99, Is this chain in case you swallow it? 這條鏈子是為了防止有人吞下它嗎
                      0:06:44.62, No, but suddenly I'm glad it's there. 不是 但我突然好慶幸有這條鏈子
                      0:06:46.37, A lighter? Huh. What does the note say? 打火機 信里怎么說
                      0:06:51.06, This is a lighter. 這是一個打火機
                      0:06:53.16, I don't understand. 我不明白
                      0:06:54.78, How much clearer could she have been? 你還要她說得多清楚呢
                      0:06:56.46, I wouldn't read too much into it. 我覺得你不要想太多了
                      0:06:57.99, Your grandma loved you very much. 奶奶一直很愛你們
                      0:06:59.38, She just did a couple of bizarre things towards the end. 她只是在生命最后做了些奇怪的事情
                      0:07:02.77, Here, Alex, I can help you out with that. 艾麗克斯 我可以幫你
                      0:07:05.26, You are getting very sleepy. 你現在很困很困想睡覺
                      0:07:07.65, A crappy old lighter is not a sucky gift. 破爛舊打火機并不是個很糟的禮物
                      0:07:10.37, Honey, hey, hey. So you're not gonna do what your mom asked? 親愛的 你不打算完成你媽媽的遺囑嗎
                      0:07:13.63, Marry off my dad to a complete stranger 在她葬禮這天把我爸
                      0:07:15.59, on the day of her funeral? I think not. 許配給一個陌生人嗎 我想不會
                      0:07:17.29, It was her last wish. 這可是她的遺愿
                      0:07:18.60, When my dad is ready, 等我爸準備好了
                      0:07:19.57, he gets to pick his own girlfriend. 他會去挑他喜歡的女友
                      0:07:21.23, That's the big upside to your wife dying. 這可是妻子去世的一大好處
                      0:07:24.49, Also, not having to think before you speak. 再就是 以后說話不用腦子也沒事了
                      0:07:26.30, Yeah. 是啊
                      0:07:28.56, Your honor, it all boils down to this. 法官閣下 這一切都歸結于此
                      0:07:30.49, The motel owes Miss Menchengo 這家旅館欠"曼查勾"小姐的
                      0:07:32.75, Menchaca. Damn it. Every time. 曼查卡 該死 每次都錯
                      0:07:34.22, more in wages than she ever could've taken 薪水高于她拿走的
                      0:07:36.44, in soaps and tiny shampoos. 香皂和超小瓶洗發水的價值
                      0:07:38.75, Fine. Case dismissed. 好吧 案件駁回
                      0:07:40.39, Yes! 太好了
                      0:07:42.58, Oh! Gracias! Muchas gracias! 謝謝 太謝謝了
                      0:07:44.25, De nada. De nada. Muchas gracias. 不客氣 不客氣 太謝謝了
                      0:07:45.73, Did you see that? I won! 看見沒 我勝訴了
                      0:07:47.42, II can't believe it! Yeah. 真是不敢相信 看到了
                      0:07:49.14, It scares me that winning is such a surprise for you. 你贏一次這么高興 我很怕你勝訴率很低
                      0:07:51.70, Next! Matthew Plonsker. Parking violations. 下一個 馬修·普樂斯科 違規停車
                      0:07:55.76, I thought I'd be a little rusty, but apparently not. 我還以為會有點生疏 但顯然沒有
                      0:07:59.90, Oh! Really? Sweet. 又來找我嗎 真"好"呢
                      0:08:02.25, Yes! Go make your mistakes with him. 去吧 把錯誤都犯在他身上
                      0:08:04.20, I don't want to go to jail for prostitution. 我可不想因為賣淫坐牢
                      0:08:08.82, Like you could afford me. 你以為你能嫖得起我嗎
                      0:08:10.83, It seems to me it wasn't only the meter 在我看來 在那個重要的下午
                      0:08:12.75, that was broken that fateful afternoon. 并不只是停車計費表壞了
                      0:08:15.27, Nay! 不僅如此
                      0:08:16.88, It was the entire criminal justice system. 是整個刑事司法系統壞了
                      0:08:19.59, Therefore I submit to you, 因此我要提出的是
                      0:08:21.77, the only "Influence" my client was under that night 那晚影響我的客戶判斷力的唯一一樣東西
                      0:08:24.33, was his love of boating. 就是他對劃船的熱愛
                      0:08:27.92, Shame! 可恥啊
                      0:08:31.94, I just don't get it. Why would she give me a lighter? 我只是不懂 她為什么給我一個打火機
                      0:08:34.34, Maybe she wants you to burn all your clothes. 也許她希望你把你所有丑衣服都燒掉
                      0:08:36.98, Is it possible we didn't have the connection I thought we did? 是不是我們并不像我想的那樣有特殊的感情紐帶
                      0:08:39.66, I don't know. You heard dad. 我不知道 你也聽老爸說了
                      0:08:41.94, She was on all that medication towards the end. 她去世前一直在接受藥物治療
                      0:08:43.78, People do weird things when they're on drugs. 人們服藥期間總會做些詭異的事
                      0:08:46.22, When Dylan was on vicodin after his root canal, 迪蘭在牙根管治療后服了止痛藥
                      0:08:48.40, he bought the complete DVD set of "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." 他買了一整套《女醫生》光盤
                      0:08:55.37, Get going, ladies. 女孩們 請離開
                      0:08:56.24, The pool's for residents only. 泳池只對當地居民開放
                      0:08:57.55, Oh, okay. Sorry. We'll leave. 好的 對不起 我們這就走
                      0:08:59.18, Uh, no, we won't. There's nobody here. 不 我們不走 這里又沒人
                      0:09:01.18, Haley! Why can't we use the pool? 海莉 為什么我們不能用這泳池
                      0:09:03.06, Because those are the rules. 這是規定
                      0:09:04.84, Are we gonna have a problem here? 有什么問題嗎
                      0:09:06.34, You don't scare me. I've been in real jail. 你可嚇不著我 我蹲過真正的監獄
                      0:09:09.71, Oh, you two are pretty smart, aren't you? 你倆是聰明人 不是嗎
                      0:09:11.87, No. Only she is. 不 只有她聰明
                      0:09:18.58, North. 北風
                      0:09:19.61, Flowers. 花牌
                      0:09:20.68, Red. 紅中
                      0:09:22.78, One dot. 一筒
                      0:09:24.56, Two bam. 二條
                      0:09:27.27, I have mahj! 我和了
                      0:09:28.64, Hee hee! Again?! 嘻嘻 你又和了
                      0:09:30.44, Wow, you're really on some streak, Edith. 你今天手氣真好啊 伊迪絲
                      0:09:32.56, Luck of the tiles. 走牌運啊
                      0:09:34.33, Anyone else want some punch? 還有人要來點潘趣酒嗎
                      0:09:36.90, Yeah. I'll join you. 好啊 我也來點
                      0:09:42.85, You are very good. 你打得真不錯
                      0:09:44.64, Where'd a farm boy like you learn to play mahjong? 你這樣的農場男孩是在哪里學的麻將
                      0:09:47.14, Oh, well, one summer, 在一個夏天
                      0:09:48.46, [美籍猶太人互助協會]  
                      0:09:48.46, I worked at the Central Missouri b'nai b'rith. 我在中央密蘇里圣約之子會工作
                      0:09:50.16, It's the nation's smallest chapter. 是全國最小的分會
                      0:09:52.90, Listen, Marilyn, 聽我說 瑪麗蓮
                      0:09:54.05, I don't mean to stir things up, 我不想挑撥離間的
                      0:09:56.02, But I just saw Edith take the winning tile out of her jacket pocket. 但我看到伊迪絲從她口袋里拿了那張吊牌
                      0:10:00.67, I knew it! 我就知道
                      0:10:01.89, Nobody's that good! 沒人會手氣那么好
                      0:10:03.11, Listen, I'm as shocked as you are. 我也跟你一樣震驚
                      0:10:04.23, It just doesn't seem like Edith. 只是伊迪絲看上去不是那種人
                      0:10:06.31, Yeah, well, it goes to show, you think you know someone... 是 就是這樣 知人知面不知心
                      0:10:16.23, What happened to all the cookies? 餅干都去哪里了
                      0:10:18.62, Oh, well, you know I hate to stir things up... 我真的不想挑撥離間的
                      0:10:24.36, Excuse me. Yes? 抱歉 什么事
                      0:10:25.83, Jay Pritchett. 我是杰·普里契特
                      0:10:27.07, Frank Dunphy's son is married to my daughter. 弗蘭克·鄧菲是我親家
                      0:10:28.91, Oh, I'm so sorry. 真是遺憾
                      0:10:30.11, Ah, he grows on you. 他那套幽默果然會傳染身邊人
                      0:10:32.02, Oh, you're talking about the death. Thank you. 你是說很遺憾我親家母過世 謝謝關心
                      0:10:34.20, You look very familiar to me. Did you ever live in Ohio? 我看你非常臉熟 你在俄亥俄生活過嗎
                      0:10:38.97, No. I'm from Pensacola. 沒 我是彭薩科拉人
                      0:10:41.99, And then it hit me. 然后我突然就想到了
                      0:10:43.26, I had done my basic training in Pensacola. 我新兵入伍時 在彭薩科拉受過訓
                      0:10:46.26, She was my first. 她是我的初夜
                      0:10:47.96, I'll never forget her Charlotte somebody. 我永遠忘不了她 夏洛特什么的
                      0:10:49.89, I was 18, and she was 31. 我當年18歲 她31歲
                      0:10:52.57, And we fell pretty hard for each other. 我們當時愛得死去活來
                      0:10:55.06, I always felt bad I never called her 我從越戰回來后就再沒聯系她
                      0:10:56.43, when I got back from Vietnam. 心里一直很難受
                      0:10:58.07, Especially because by then I had, you know... 尤其是因為當時我已經 你懂的
                      0:11:01.16, learned a few things. 已經開拓了新的眼界
                      0:11:02.87, I'm sorry. You'll have to forgive me. 不好意思 請你諒解
                      0:11:04.58, My memory isn't what it used to be. 我歲數大了 記性不好了
                      0:11:06.13, I was in the navy. Jay Pritchett. 我當時在海軍 杰·普里契特
                      0:11:09.60, Little more up here, 當年頭發多些
                      0:11:11.16, little less down here. 贅肉少些
                      0:11:12.23, I'm sure you're a very nice man, 我敢說你一定是個好男人
                      0:11:13.77, but II think you may have mistaken me for someone else. 但我覺得你把我錯認成別人了
                      0:11:17.20, I was shipping off to vietnam. 我當時就快要被派往越南
                      0:11:18.30, You had the ass of a young Ann Margret. 你當年的屁股就跟年輕女星安·瑪格麗特一樣
                      0:11:20.31, Yeah, that was me. 好吧 那確實是我
                      0:11:22.50, Grandma looks so happy here. 這張照片里奶奶真高興
                      0:11:25.04, Yeah. We were pretty hammered. 是啊 當時我們喝得爛醉
                      0:11:27.87, That was last 4th of July grandma's favorite holiday. 那是去年的國慶節 你奶奶最喜歡的節日
                      0:11:31.62, The Plimptons had a barbecue, 普林樸頓家搞了燒烤
                      0:11:33.17, and Gram and I got a little tipsy on ginger margaritas. 你奶奶和我喝姜汁瑪格麗特喝多了
                      0:11:35.82, We came home for a catnap 我們就回家打了個盹
                      0:11:38.09, and slept right through the big fireworks show. 結果錯過了那晚的煙花表演
                      0:11:40.48, First one she ever missed. 她頭一回錯過
                      0:11:42.41, Boy, was she mad. 她當時特別生氣
                      0:11:44.20, I made it up to her 我為了補償她
                      0:11:44.92, with a little fireworks show of our own later. 當天晚些時候特意為她辦了一場煙火表演
                      0:11:47.04, Grandpa! 爺爺
                      0:11:48.22, A couple of glow sticks and a slingshot in the backyard. 只是在后院用彈弓發射熒光棒而已
                      0:11:53.14, Which led to some pretty memorable lovemaking. 但接下來的性愛值得我們回味一生
                      0:11:57.26, Not to change the subject, 我不是故意轉移話題
                      0:11:59.46, but I don't really get the gift grandma left me. 但我真不懂奶奶送這個給我的意義
                      0:12:01.72, Well, didn't she explain it in the note? 她在信里沒解釋嗎
                      0:12:03.63, No. The note's four words. 沒 信里就幾個字
                      0:12:07.06, You know it opens, right? 你知道這紙還要展開的吧
                      0:12:09.02, It does? 是嗎
                      0:12:10.39, Sure. Look, it's Florida. Everything sticks together. 當然 佛羅里達太潮濕了 東西都黏一塊了
                      0:12:17.89, It's all so weird. 真是太詭異了
                      0:12:19.84, This thing you dread in the back of your mind 心里一直害怕面對的事
                      0:12:21.32, suddenly becomes real. 突然就成真了
                      0:12:22.78, I know. 我懂
                      0:12:24.74, I feel better having you here, though. 不過有你在 我感覺好多了
                      0:12:26.35, Oh, I'm always here for you. 我會永遠在你身邊
                      0:12:28.95, Look at that house. 看那房子
                      0:12:30.27, That is a cute house. 真漂亮啊
                      0:12:31.47, I wonder who lives there. 我想知道誰住這兒
                      0:12:33.47, I don't know. 我不知道
                      0:12:35.73, Claire, what are you doing? 克萊爾 你要干嘛
                      0:12:37.34, I love this house. 我喜歡這房子
                      0:12:38.61, I bet you anything I would love whoever lives here. 我敢肯定不管是誰住這兒 我都會喜歡那人
                      0:12:40.67, Wait a minute. 等等
                      0:12:41.29, That lady from my mom's letter lives here,doesn't she? 我媽信上說的人就住這兒 是吧
                      0:12:43.17, Annie Fitzsimmons. 安妮·菲茨曼斯
                      0:12:44.33, Phil, listen to me. 菲爾 聽我說
                      0:12:45.79, You may have your reasons for not wanting to do this, 你也許有理由不想這么做
                      0:12:47.97, but your mother was a very wise woman. 但你母親是個很英明的女人
                      0:12:50.54, She believed that whoever is behind that door 她相信這扇門背后的那個人
                      0:12:53.02, would make your father happy for the rest of his life. 能讓你父親擁有幸福的余生
                      0:12:57.42, Yeah. What can I do for you? 你們好 有事嗎
                      0:12:59.41, She's perfect. 她真"完美"
                      0:13:00.89, I thought Annie Fitzsimmons lived here. 我以為安妮·菲茨曼斯住這兒
                      0:13:02.41, She does. Annie, honey! 是的 安妮 親愛的
                      0:13:04.54, There's people here to see ya! 有人想見你
                      0:13:06.60, Hi. Hi. 你好 你好
                      0:13:08.16, Can I help you? 有事嗎
                      0:13:09.90, We're selling vacuum cleaners. 我們是推銷吸塵器的
                      0:13:11.31, That is strange. 那可真奇怪
                      0:13:13.05, I know. 我知道
                      0:13:13.57, Because just this morning, my vacuum cleaner broke. 因為我家吸塵器早上正好壞了
                      0:13:16.22, That's on me. I shed like a collie. 都怪我 我的體毛脫落像牧羊犬那么多
                      0:13:19.07, Let's see what you got. 我看看你們的貨
                      0:13:19.93, Yes, Claire, let's see what you got. 對啊 克萊爾 來看看你的貨
                      0:13:21.99, I didn't bring it. 我沒帶來
                      0:13:23.08, You didn't bring it? No. 你沒帶 是的
                      0:13:24.06, You had it when we left the vacuum cleaner office. 我們出門時你還帶著的啊
                      0:13:26.55, I guess it's fair to say you've made a huge mistake. 我看這下你要好好認錯了
                      0:13:30.19, No. Say it. 不行 要說出來
                      0:13:32.13, I'm sorry to do that. It's part of the training. 我也不想為難她 可這就是培訓
                      0:13:34.77, I've made a huge mistake. 我犯了個大錯
                      0:13:38.30, I don't think she's gonna work out. 我覺得她是不適合干這行的
                      0:13:45.87, That's mahj again! Oh! Well, shocker. 我又和了 真厲害
                      0:13:48.34, That's it. You're cheating. I am not. 夠了 你出老千 我沒有
                      0:13:50.48, Oh, please! You've stashed more tiles 得了吧 你藏的牌
                      0:13:52.70, than Marilyn has cookies! 比瑪麗蓮藏的餅干還多
                      0:13:55.10, Ookay. Uh, let's just take a breath. 好了 大家先歇歇
                      0:13:56.77, Who cares about tiles or cookies 誰在乎麻將牌啊 餅干啊
                      0:13:58.69, Or whatever Hattie's slipping into her coffee? 或者海蒂偷偷往她的咖啡里倒的什東西
                      0:14:00.99, I knew you were drinking again! 我就知道你又開始酗酒了
                      0:14:02.39, That's how she lost her license. 她的駕照就是這么被吊銷的
                      0:14:03.51, You shut your traps! 閉上你們的臭嘴
                      0:14:04.99, Drop dead! Screw you! 去死吧 去你的
                      0:14:06.01, Yeah, you, too! Ladies. 你也是 女士們
                      0:14:06.95, And you! Ladies. 你也是 女士們
                      0:14:08.59, Stop it! Youstop it. 別說了 別吵了
                      0:14:10.15, You have been friends for 20 years. 你們都當了20年的閨蜜了
                      0:14:11.93, What on earth has gotten into you all? 你們這是怎么回事啊
                      0:14:15.96, Why does drama keep following me everywhere I go? 為什么我到哪都會碰上極品事呢
                      0:14:19.10, It just keeps popping up out of nowhere. 總是無緣無故就冒一出
                      0:14:21.60, like Crispin's hair plugs. 跟克里斯賓腦袋上冒出來的頭發似的
                      0:14:24.25, And so we went to your apartment. 然后我們去了你的公寓
                      0:14:26.67, It's still embarrassing. 到現在我還是覺得很丟人
                      0:14:28.03, I told you I had never been with a woman. 我當時告訴你我從沒跟女人做過
                      0:14:30.69, And you took me by the hand and you led me into the bedroom. 你牽著我的手 帶我進了臥室
                      0:14:33.37, You were so sweet and beautiful. 你是那么溫柔美麗
                      0:14:35.56, I thought I'd gone to heaven. 那一刻我感覺自己到了天堂
                      0:14:37.72, Jay pritchett. Yes! Yes! 杰·普里契特 是我 就是我
                      0:14:40.56, I remember that. 我想起來了
                      0:14:42.71, You were so handsome. 你那會可真帥呀
                      0:14:44.26, I don't know about that. 我可不敢說自己帥
                      0:14:45.06, I mean, cute, maybe. 可能還算討人喜歡
                      0:14:46.19, Ipeople talk about my eyes. 是常有人夸我的眼睛迷人來著
                      0:14:48.09, But I always regretted not getting in touch with you when I got back, 我一直很后悔回來后沒再聯系你
                      0:14:52.74, Because you had given me something 因為你帶給我的美好回憶
                      0:14:54.19, that I cherished for almost 50 years. 我已經珍惜了差不多50年了
                      0:14:57.83, You gave me something, too. 你也給了我些東西
                      0:15:00.00, I did? 是嗎
                      0:15:00.93, You wait right there. 你在這兒乖乖等著
                      0:15:03.26, I'm down there for a funeral 我去那是為了參加一個葬禮
                      0:15:04.69, It's such a sad event 原本是很悲傷的一件事
                      0:15:06.52, And I end up finding something that I thought was lost forever. 我卻找到了本以為已經永遠失去了的東西
                      0:15:09.59, This beautiful moment 當年那美妙的"小插曲"
                      0:15:10.88, that meant so much to both of us, 對我們都有著難以取代的意義
                      0:15:13.03, set against the backdrop of fighting commies. 尤其是在反擊越共的時代大背景下
                      0:15:16.18, There's your movie. 簡直能拍部電影啊
                      0:15:17.91, I remember exactly where I was when you gave it to me. 我清楚地記得你把這東西給我時我在哪兒
                      0:15:21.96, You said, "Wear this bec" 你當時說"戴上這個手..."
                      0:15:23.47, No, no. This isn't mine. 不 這不是我的
                      0:15:25.31, And I never went to Jefferson High. 我從來沒上過杰弗遜高中
                      0:15:27.18, Oh. My mistake. 噢 是我搞錯了
                      0:15:30.09, Here it is. 是這個
                      0:15:32.04, You said, "Pin this" No, no. Nno. 你當時說"戴上這個..." 不對不對
                      0:15:33.27, Never got a medal. 我從來沒得過什么獎牌
                      0:15:35.21, And, uh... 而且...
                      0:15:36.83, This is the wrong branch of service. 我參的也不是這支軍
                      0:15:39.10, Of course. 當然了
                      0:15:41.06, These are th 這些是...
                      0:15:42.09, Never wrote. 從沒寫過信
                      0:15:45.35, Why don't you look through here? 你要不自己找吧
                      0:15:47.72, Turns out she sent more men off to war 原來她送上戰場的軍人
                      0:15:47.72, [美國第36任總統 不斷增兵越南戰場]  
                      0:15:49.48, than Lyndon Johnson. 比林頓·約翰遜還要多
                      0:15:52.77, Well, we're here. 到家了
                      0:15:53.41, You wanna try to sell my dad a vacuum? 你要不要試試向我爸推銷個吸塵器
                      0:15:55.19, Tease me all you want. 你就嘲笑我吧
                      0:15:56.31, I am glad that we at least tried. 我很高興至少我們試過了
                      0:15:57.89, I know you mean well, but he's gonna be fine on his own. 我知道你是好心 但他一個人也會過得很好
                      0:16:00.72, So funny. 太好笑了
                      0:16:02.76, Ooh! Here. Try mine, Frank. 來 嘗嘗我做的 弗蘭克
                      0:16:04.66, I bet it's delicious. 我敢說一定很好吃
                      0:16:06.11, If your taste buds are dead. 除非你味覺掛了
                      0:16:07.59, Dead? Real sensitive, Myra. 掛了 你真會照顧別人的心情 米娜
                      0:16:09.07, The woman's not even cold... 他妻子尸骨都未寒呢
                      0:16:10.12, unlike your eggplant parm. 當然你的奶酪茄子是早涼了
                      0:16:11.61, What is going on? 這演的是哪出
                      0:16:13.08, Oh, it's a feeding frenzy. They're all over him. 鯊魚群爭食呢 你爸爸就是那可憐的食物
                      0:16:15.38, They're practically measuring the windows for new drapes. 她們還量了窗戶的尺寸 想換新窗簾呢
                      0:16:17.18, It's disgusting. 真把我惡心壞了
                      0:16:18.20, I must get this recipe, Myra. 你一定要把這個食譜給我 米娜
                      0:16:20.22, Oh, sure. 當然
                      0:16:21.03, You want the recipe? It's thaw, heat, and serve. 你要那食譜嗎 解凍 加熱 端上來就行了
                      0:16:23.34, My mom was right. They're gonna eat him alive. 我媽媽說得對 她們會把他生吞了
                      0:16:26.37, Do you think we can break up 你覺得我們有能力拆散
                      0:16:27.29, Annie fitzsimmons and her boyfriend? 安妮·菲茨曼斯和她男朋友嗎
                      0:16:28.85, Boyfriend? 男朋友
                      0:16:29.74, Oh, you mean Marv? Oh, that's hilarious. 你是說馬維 哎呀媽 太好笑了
                      0:16:32.73, Marv's her brother, visiting from Pompano. 馬維是她哥哥 從龐帕諾來玩的
                      0:16:34.84, he's here for the week, 他僅僅是過來度周末的
                      0:16:35.68, Slept with half the women in this place. 這地方一半的女人都跟他有一腿
                      0:16:37.73, She's single? This is fantastic. 她現在單身 真是太棒了
                      0:16:39.42, Cam, how do you know that? 小卡 你都是打哪知道的
                      0:16:40.63, This place is lousy with gossips. 這地方的八卦簡直滿天飛
                      0:16:44.07, Next. Gloria Delgado? 下一個 歌洛莉亞·迪爾加多
                      0:16:45.94, I'm here! 我在這兒
                      0:16:46.87, Conspiring to promote prostitution. How do you plead? 協同賣淫罪 你打算怎么辯護
                      0:16:50.32, Not guilty, your honor. Oh, good. It's you. 無罪 法官大人 老天 又是你
                      0:16:53.13, Your Majesty, I didn't do anything wrong. 陛下 我什么壞事都沒干
                      0:16:56.13, But I will say that I am guilty 但我愿意認罪
                      0:16:58.02, if I can just pay the fine and go home. 如果交了罰金就能讓我回家的話
                      0:17:00.39, No, you won't. 不 你不能
                      0:17:01.49, You're innocent, and I can prove it. 你是清白的 我能證明這點
                      0:17:03.15, Your honor, this document here shows 法官大人 這份文件表明
                      0:17:05.47, that my client was a resident of California at the time. 我的當事人當時正住在加利福尼亞
                      0:17:08.30, And these canceled checks prove 這些已兌支票表明
                      0:17:10.05, that she was legally subletting the apartment in question. 她合法轉租了本案所指的那套公寓
                      0:17:13.20, I might be a simple man, but I do know one thing... 我這人挺單純的 但我知道一件事
                      0:17:16.31, if a dog don't bark 如果狗不吠
                      0:17:17.72, Okay, I can't listen to him anymore. 夠了 我再也不想聽他扯犢子了
                      0:17:19.57, Case dismissed. Court adjourned. 此案駁回 休庭
                      0:17:22.83, Gracias, Mitchell! You're wonderful! 謝謝你 米奇爾 你太厲害了
                      0:17:26.23, You know what? We got lucky 其實 算我們走運
                      0:17:27.53, because I had no ending to that dog thing. 狗不吠那句我都不知道怎么往下接
                      0:17:29.78, If you don't have anything to do next week, 如果你下周不忙的話
                      0:17:31.56, maybe you can go with me to Texas. 也許可以陪我去趟德州
                      0:17:36.17, Hello again. 再次打擾
                      0:17:36.91, Oh, no. You're alone. 不是吧 你一個人
                      0:17:38.99, Did you fire that nice girl? 你炒掉了那個可愛姑娘嗎
                      0:17:40.89, No. She's not a nice girl. She's my wife. 不 她不是什么可愛姑娘 她是我老婆
                      0:17:43.43, And we don't sell vacuums. 我們也不是賣吸塵器的
                      0:17:44.95, Thank god. You'd starve. 謝天謝地 否則你們會餓死的
                      0:17:48.19, III'm actually Phil Dunphy. 其實我是菲爾·鄧菲
                      0:17:50.04, II'm Frank and Grace Dunphy's son. 我是弗蘭克和格蕾絲·鄧菲的兒子
                      0:17:52.01, Oh, I heard about your mom. I'mI'm so sorry. 我聽說了你母親去世的事 太遺憾了
                      0:17:54.88, Thank you. 謝謝
                      0:17:55.75, I only met her a few times, 我只見過她幾次
                      0:17:57.58, but she seemed like a lovely woman. 但她看起來是個非常好的人
                      0:18:01.17, but I'm still confused. 但我還是不太明白你的來意
                      0:18:03.19, Well, this probably won't help, but, um... 也許我的解釋只會令你更困惑 但是
                      0:18:08.02, Her last request was for me to fix you up with my dad. 她的遺愿就是叫我撮合你和我爸
                      0:18:13.27, Oh, my. 我的天
                      0:18:14.51, Yeah. I really wish I sold vacuums. 是啊 我真希望自己是賣吸塵器的
                      0:18:17.40, So earlier... 所以之前
                      0:18:18.89, We were thrown when your brother answered the door. 我們看到你哥哥來開門 十分震驚
                      0:18:20.81, We thought he was your boyfriend. 我們以為他是你的男友
                      0:18:23.03, I don't know what to say. 我不知道說什么好
                      0:18:24.84, Really? This is such aa normal request I'm making. 是嗎 我這個要求再正常不過了
                      0:18:28.22, Please, by the way, don't feel pressured at all. 順便說下 請不要感覺有任何壓力
                      0:18:30.84, My dad doesn't even know about this. 我爸根本不知道這件事
                      0:18:32.86, II justI had to tell you. It's what she wanted. 但我必須告訴你 這是我母親的遺愿
                      0:18:36.13, She was always doing crazy stuff like this... 她總是會做這樣瘋狂的事
                      0:18:38.34, going out of her way to take care of us. 不遺余力地照顧我們
                      0:18:42.91, I coughed on the phone once, 有次我在電話里咳嗽
                      0:18:44.22, and she overnighted me soup. 她就熬湯連夜快遞給我
                      0:18:46.23, When I wanted to learn how to ski, she knit me a sweater. 我想學滑雪 她就給我織毛衣
                      0:18:50.31, When I wanted to be a marine biologist, 我想做海洋生物學家
                      0:18:51.79, she knit me a sweater with a whale on it. 她就給我織了件鯨魚圖案的毛衣
                      0:18:56.57, Who does that? 誰會這樣做啊
                      0:18:59.70, That's just the kind of person she is. 她就是這樣的人
                      0:19:01.95, Was. 生前是
                      0:19:03.27, Oh, sweetie. 親愛的
                      0:19:06.51, You're a good son. 你是個好兒子
                      0:19:10.01, She was right. You are very nice. 她說的對 你是個非常好的人
                      0:19:24.12, It's a beautiful service. 儀式太感人了
                      0:19:25.19, It really makes you think about how you wanna live your life. 讓人思考要如何度過這一生
                      0:19:28.73, I wanna quit my job and get back into the courtroom. 我想辭職 重返法庭
                      0:19:30.85, What? 什么
                      0:19:31.95, Justjust don't say anything to anyone. 先別對任何人說起這事
                      0:19:33.64, Well, who am I gonna tell? 我能告訴誰啊
                      0:19:37.05, Thank you, Mel. 謝謝 梅爾
                      0:19:38.80, That was beautiful. 你吹奏得很美
                      0:19:43.35, Um, before we say good night, 在我們道晚安前
                      0:19:44.94, my daughter Alex would like to pay tribute. 我女兒艾麗克斯想致以悼念
                      0:19:51.01, Thanks, sweetie. 謝謝 寶貝
                      0:19:59.06, My grandmother and I had a very special bond. 奶奶和我有著特殊的感情紐帶
                      0:20:01.85, Seriously? Again? 不是吧 又來
                      0:20:03.57, This may not make sense to everyone, 也許大家不理解
                      0:20:06.01, but I'm pretty sure she would've loved it. 但我肯定 奶奶會喜歡的
                      0:20:19.91, This is a lighter. 這是一個打火機
                      0:20:22.07, It belonged to my favorite actor, Paul Newman. 原本屬于我最喜歡的演員 保羅·紐曼
                      0:20:25.04, One day, he came into the restaurant where I was waitressing 有一天 他來我做服務員的餐廳就餐
                      0:20:27.45, and accidentally left it behind. 不小心落下了
                      0:20:29.67, For the first time in my life, 我這輩子第一次
                      0:20:31.65, I did something I wasn't supposed to 做了不應該做的事
                      0:20:33.24, and slipped it into my pocket. 將之據為己有
                      0:20:35.82, One of the customers saw 有一位客人看到了
                      0:20:37.24, and said, 'don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.' 說 "別擔心 我會幫你保守秘密"
                      0:20:40.29, That customer turned out to be the love of my life, 那位客人后來成為了我的畢生摯愛
                      0:20:43.26, your grandfather. 你的爺爺
                      0:20:44.86, So, my Alex, who I love so dearly, 所以 我最愛的艾麗克斯
                      0:20:47.30, who is probably too much like me for her own good, 可能你太像我了 雖然這也挺好
                      0:20:50.51, every once in a while, 但偶爾的
                      0:20:51.79, don't be afraid to break the rules. 不要害怕打破常規
                      0:20:54.66, You never know what can happen." 你永遠不知道會發生什么好事
                      0:21:01.43, How 'bout this weather? 天氣怎么樣
                      0:21:03.16, Yep. They say it's supposed to rain. 還行 他們說要下雨了
                      0:21:05.84, We need it. 確實需要來場雨
                      0:21:07.00, Muriel. 穆麗爾
                      0:21:08.83, Are you two packed up and ready to go? 你們兩個收拾好準備走了嗎
                      0:21:10.93, Yep. 是的
                      0:21:13.16, Where does the time go? 時間怎么過得這么快
                      0:21:14.63, Darned if I know. 鬼才知道
                      0:21:16.23, Everyone's always in such a hurry. 大家總是匆匆忙忙的
                      0:21:18.24, And why? We're all gonna end up in the same place. 何必如此 我們最后的歸宿還不都一樣
                      0:21:22.41, Well, I guess we better mosey. 我覺得我們還是走吧

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