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                      双语读电影 《头脑特工队》第04章 :是谁在设计梦境的内容?






                      Chapter  4
                      The first night in the new house was uncomfor-table and creepy. Without furniture or a bed, Riley had to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. All the sounds of the city outside her window were loud and strange. Listening to the noises, Riley couldn’t fall asleep.
                      Inside Headquarters, the Emotions were stressing out. “Was it a bear? It’s a bear!” Fear said, controlling the console.
                      “There are no bears in San Francisco,” Disgust said.
                      “I saw a really hairy guy,” Anger said. “He looked like a bear.”
                      “I’m so jumpy,” Fear replied. “My nerves are shot!”
                      As Joy gazed at the memory shelves, the other Emotions talked about what a disaster the move had been. They blamed Joy for telling them that things wouldn’t change when they moved. They had assumed they would be as happy in San Francisco as they had been in Minnesota.
                      Joy tried to reassure them. “Look, I get it. You guys have concerns, but we’ve been through worse!” But the other Emotions didn’t see how the situation could possibly be any worse.
                      “Yeah, Joy. We could be lying on a dirty floor. In a sleeping bag,” said Disgust sarcastically.
                      “But think of all the good things that—”
                      They didn’t want to hear any more of Joy’s positivity. “No, Joy,” Anger interrupted. “There’s absolutely no reason for Riley to be happy right now. Let us handle this.”
                      “I say we skip school tomorrow and lock ourselves in the bedroom,” Fear said.
                      “We have no clean clothes,” Disgust agreed. “I mean, no one should see us.”
                      “Yeah, we could cry until we can’t breathe,” Sadness offered.
                      Joy tried to get everyone to calm down. “Now hold on,” she said. “We all have our off days. You know, I…”
                      Then Mom appeared in Riley’s doorway. “The Mom bad news train is pulling in,” said Anger. “Toot, toot!”
                      Mom sat down next to Riley and gave her an update on the moving van: it was going to take even longer to arrive.
                      “Toot, toot, toot!” Anger shouted.
                      Joy sighed and backed away from the console as Mom went on to explain how stressed Dad was about his new business venture. Anger stepped up to the console, gearing up for some major scowling action. But Mom surprised them. “I guess all I really want to say is thank you.”
                      The Emotions were confused. Mom talked about how pleased she was that despite the rough situation, Riley had continued to be their happy girl. “Your dad’s under a lot of pressure, but if you and I can keep smiling, it would be a big help. We can do that for him, right?” asked Mom.
                      Joy stepped up to the console proudly. She walked past Anger and took control. “Yeah, sure,” Riley said, smiling.
                      “What did we do to deserve you?” Mom asked, kissing Riley on the forehead. “Sweet dreams,” she said as she walked out and closed the door.
                      All the Emotions smiled as they looked toward Joy. “Well,” Anger said, “you can’t argue with Mom. Happy it is.”
                      “Team Happy! Sounds great,” Fear said.
                      When Riley was finally asleep, the screen in Headquarters turned black. “Looks like we’re going into REM,” said Joy. Joy was on Dream Duty, which meant she had to stay up and monitor Riley’s dreams. She’d also take care of sending the memories to Long-Term. “Great day today, guys. Sleep well, Team Happy!” Joy called to the other Emotions as they headed off to sleep.
                      Then she took her place at the console. “All right,” she said, looking up at the screen. “What’s on tonight, Dream Productions?” Joy couldn’t wait to see what the movie studio in Riley’s Mind World came up with for that evening.
                      The dream began with Riley’s family happily flying through the sky in their car. Then the car landed in front of a frightening haunted house with a mouse ghost. The mouse looked like a zombie as it eerily said, “Come live with me, Riley.” Then it keeled over and died!
                      “Who’s in charge of programming down there?” Joy said, frowning. “I know I’m not supposed to do this, but…” She ducked behind the console and messed with a few wires and switches, resetting the system. “We are not going to end the day like this,” she said.
                      Then she recalled a memory of Riley showcasing all of her ice-skating moves on the lake with her parents. Joy rigged it so the memory played in Riley’s mind like a dream instead of what Dream Productions had put on. Joy skated around Headquarters, mimicking Riley and reliving the happy memory. She promised Riley that tomorrow would be another great day.

                      第 4 章
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