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                      雙語讀電影 《機器人總動員》第06章 :瓦力聽到她咯咯笑。這是他一生中最快活的一天






                      As EVE continued her search, WALL · E followed her to an abandoned BnL store. EVE scanned the store, registering NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE.

                      But when she glanced back at the not-so-hidden WALL · E, the little robot panicked. Whirling awkwardly, he bumped into a rack of shopping carts, sending a noisy avalanche of carts down a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, WALL · E went tumbling and bouncing all the way down, too. Finally, the humiliating moment ended with a crash. The carts could move no farther, and neither could WALL · E. He was wedged between the carts and a pair of doors that refused to open. EVE ignored him. WALL · E began the slow process of untangling himself.

                      That evening, WALL · E climbed to the roof of the BnL power plant. He patiently waited, hoping to see EVE somewhere in the darkening sky. Suddenly, her blue light flashed on the horizon, and his tiny circuits skipped a beat.

                      WALL · E watched her come in for a landing, ready to shut down for the night. He waited, then moved toward her. Once, he accidentally tripped, but luckily the noise didn’t wake her. Sure now that she was asleep, WALL · E crept closer. Carefully, he measured her dimensions with his robotic arms. Then, turning to a pile of trash, he began to weld, using the laser beam mounted between his eyes.

                      The next morning, EVE awoke to find a sculpture of herself made entirely of gleaming trash. Impressed, she rose and circled the egg-shaped sculpture. It had sparkling blue glass eyes, just like hers.

                      WALL · E watched her from behind a stack of pipes. He could see that she liked the sculpture. Thrilled, he wanted to come out, but he hesitated ... and the moment was gone. EVE glided away just as the pipes rolled down— CLANK, CLANK, CLANK—onto the happy little robot’s head. Smitten as ever, he hardly noticed the extra few dents in his body.

                      EVE spent her day scanning the city. She scanned a car engine—NEGATIVE. She slammed the hood. A toilet—NEGATIVE. A space capsule— NEGATIVE. A freighter’s hold —NEGATIVE.

                      And then something different happened: EVE got caught by the freighter’s giant gray magnet! Swinging upside down, she flipped and wiggled every which way. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not free herself from the powerful magnet.

                      Shhhh-lop! She freed her body, but then her arm got stuck. When she freed that one, her other arm got stuck. Frustrated by her days of fruitless searching, EVE pointed her blaster arm at the magnet and blew it up.

                      She watched as the flaming magnet crashed through the deck of the freighter, causing it to catch fire and topple into the next freighter. Then another freighter toppled, too, like a row of falling dominoes. It was a gigantic mess!

                      Oooooo! WALL · E watched as smoke from the blast enveloped EVE. She was not only beautiful but powerful, too!

                      Then he cocked his head and looked at her again. She seemed different than before. She slumped. It looked as if she was ready to give up.

                      Cautiously, WALL · E—still blinded by love— climbed onto the other side of the anchor and very slowly inched toward her. Suddenly, she turned to him and hummed, “So what’s your name?”

                      WALL · E was so shocked that he tumbled over backward.

                      EVE tried again. “Directive?” she asked. WALL · E was stunned by the sounds she was making. She was trying to communicate with him. Even better, she didn’t seem to want to use her blaster arm!

                      Though EVE spoke in a lovely hum, WALL · E could not understand a bit of it until he recognized the word “directive.” Eager to connect with EVE, he loaded a pile of trash into his compactor and plunked down a cube for her. He struggled to speak, to let her know that this was his directive. “Di ... rec ... t—”

                      “Directive!” EVE interrupted sharply, helping him finish. His eyes grew large as he looked at her, wanting to know her purpose, too. But EVE hummed, “Classified.” Her directive was a secret.

                      “Oh.” WALL · E had hoped to learn more.

                      EVE scanned WALL · E’s chest logo. “So what’s your name?” she hummed robotically again.

                      Struggling to answer, WALL · E tried to form his beeping noises into the sound of his name. “WALL · E.”

                      EVE nodded and repeated: “Waaaleeee.” To the little robot, EVE’s electronic voice sounded like music. He scooted a bit closer. “Waaa-lleee,” EVE said again. Then she spoke her own name: “Eeeve.”

                      “Eee-vah?” WALL · E said slowly.

                      EVE shook her head. “Eeeve, Eeeve.”

                      WALL · E made the sound again: “Eee-vah!”

                      WALL · E heard her giggle. It was the happiest day of his life. He said it again, hoping she would giggle once more. “Eee-vah!” he said. “Ee—”

                      One of WALL · E’s electronic warnings went off. The wind was whistling through the bay. A storm was coming—a big one. WALL · E reached for EVE’s hand, but she pulled back, not understanding the danger of the situation. The sandstorm hit in a rush of swirling wind and debris. WALL · E collapsed into a box.

                      “WALL · E! WALL · E! WALL · E!” he heard EVE cry.

                      Through the blinding dust, WALL · E popped up from the safety of his box shape, reached out to EVE, and led her to shelter.






                      瓦力躲在一堆金屬管后面觀察她。他看得出來她喜歡這尊塑像。他激動不已,想要走上前來,但是他猶豫了……時機就這么錯過了。“當啷!當啷!當啷!”金屬管滾落下來,撞上這個快樂的小機器人的腦袋,而伊芙恰好在這個時候飛走了。他一如既往地為她著迷,幾乎沒有注意到自己身上又多了幾個 凹痕。























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