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                      双语读电影 《机器人总动员》第05章 :瓦力有点害怕,却又醉心于她,这就是爱






                      The spacecraft began to close up. A low hum filled the air. WALL · E suddenly remembered—he was under a ship! The hum was coming from the ship’s engines, which were now roaring to life. It was time to take cover again. WALL · E dug another hole in the ground and jumped into it.

                      When the smoke cleared, WALL · E once again raised his head. He looked up and saw EVE. She was circling over the desolate bay. As she swooped and darted like a hummingbird, she emitted a blue ray from her front panel and scanned the terrain. WALL · E scrambled out of the hole and quickly found a boulder to hide behind. He watched EVE continue to scan random objects, occasionally doing a loop in the sky. She zoomed past WALL · E’s rock. Frightened yet enchanted, the rusty and dented WALL · E unit kept watching this sleek new state-of-the-art robot. This was love.

                      EVE gently descended to the ground, and WALL · E decided to move one rock closer to her. As he rolled forward, his treads loosened some debris—RATTLE, RATTLE, KLUNK!

                      EVE whipped around in the direction of the noise. She instantly raised and fired the blaster mounted within her arm. KA-BLAM! WALL · E’s boulder exploded into bits. The shivering robot was unharmed but terrified.

                      EVE scanned the area again. All quiet, she noted, no signs of life. She moved on and wandered through WALL · E’s vast avenues of trash. WALL · E rolled after her. She had just tried to blast him, but like a puppy, he continued to follow her, unable to stop.

                      He watched her scan a mound of tires. Then he flinched as his cockroach decided to approach EVE from behind. Her razor-sharp sensors picked up the movement. She spun and blasted the bug with a direct hit. Unharmed, the insect simply crawled out of the smoking crater and, with his usual curiosity, continued to approach EVE.

                      She let the roach get closer. The little bug intrigued her, and she let him crawl up her arm. WALL · E heard her emit a series of electronic beeps. She was giggling! The roach must have tickled her.

                      WALL · E’s spirits soared. EVE had feelings! Then, just as suddenly, he was struck by fear again as EVE’s sensor turned in his direction. She locked onto him with her scanners and fired rapidly with her blaster arm.

                      WALL · E dodged the blasts, scooting among trash piles as EVE obliterated them one by one. With nowhere left to hide, WALL · E boxed himself up and shook uncontrollably. EVE stopped firing. Her electronics hummed, “Identify yourself.” But WALL · E heard only beeps and whistles. He didn’t understand what EVE was saying.

                      She slowly approached the shivering box. The cockroach ran down EVE’s blaster arm and hopped onto his master. EVE’s blue light scanned WALL · E. NEGATIVE. He was not what she was looking for. She retracted her blaster arm and glided away.

                      Peeking out from inside his box, WALL · E watched her, completely awestruck.












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